Alexander van Brakel

A hands-on UX Expert delivering value through user research, digital design, and front-end development.

UX Design

User Research, User Persona’s, Service Blueprints

UI Design

Material Design, Components, Interactions, Android & iOS Design

Design Process

Brainstorming, Wireframing, Conceptualisation, Prototyping


Layouts & Grids, Typography, Aesthetics, Illustrations

Tech & Coding

HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, MySQL

Team Player

Leadership Skills, Team Working Skills, Pro-activeness, Strategy


Branding, Identity Creation, User Behaviour Testing, A/B Testing

Project Methods

Agile, SCRUM, SAFe, Design Sprint

I am Alexander van Brakel, someone with an eye for the possibilities of technology and design, as well as the psychological processes involved with delivering a custom-made solution. I am deeply interested in all disciplines that even remotely cover “how people work”. For example, psychology and neuroscience, but also something as exotic as mentalism catches my interest.

Combine that with a creative drive and a passion for technology and you end up with someone like me.

My Vision

Technology should adapt to the individual instead of the individual adapting to technology. Our everyday lives are becoming more and more intertwined with devices and interfaces, of which most do not seem to have been made for their target audience. This approach results in investments wasted, business opportunities lost, and disappointed users, leading to damaged brand reputation.

This is a big shame because now more than ever we know how people really work, in no small part thanks to insights from neuroscience. There are reliable methods to test what really works, especially with technology.

Because of my interests you can usually find me working on something involving research, design, and development. The goal is delivering the best experience and the most effective way of communicating information. That is the aim of all my research, all my designs, all of my development.