Fairlingo – Interface


Interfaces, UX


In traditional translation the process of getting something translated is difficult for both the client and translator.

For the client it is difficult to get an estimate quickly, because a translator needs to look at the text to assess its length and purpose and then make an estimation. If no order results precious time is wasted for both the translator and the client. Fully computerized translation services exist online, but they do not have the expertise that only a human translator can provide.


Create a platform that streamlines the process of translation for the client and translator, saving precious time by automating estimates and ensuring quality by using professional human translators. The platform should be full-service, including billing, so a translator only needs a browser to do all their work. In order to attract translators to the platform and keep them, the work on the platform should be as much fun as possible, so gamification was employed. Translators earn points which count towards their level of expertise. Secondly, they can unlock achievements that are publicly shown, on a leaderboard that show how they rank.


Fully featured translation platform, combining the best of human translation and IT automation. Much of the translation flow was inspired by the UI of commonly used translation software to leverage recognition and fast onboarding for translators.

I had a big role on this project, coming up with the logo and illustrations of Fairlingo, and also implementing a lot of my own design. To this day it is the project I am most proud of!