Fairlingo Logo

Fairlingo is the name of the online translation that was developed by Label305, for their client, Vertaalbureau Perfect. I played a big part in the development of its identity and concept. This item is about the logo.

The name and the logo

At the start of this project the general concept was clear. The platform we would build would make it possible for people to crowd-source translations. Translators could register and clients could send in documents digitally that need translating. The translators could then grab whatever work they wanted and do the translation on the platform.

However, the concept had no name, let alone a logo. After a lot of brainstorming and different proposals we settled on the name ‘Fairlingo’. We wanted the platform to be accessible, friendly. So the style became an informal one, and a little playful. The logo itself incorporated this.

Main logo in fresh green on paper yellow
Logo in black on white
Main logo in fresh green on white
Logo in white on black
All four logo variations