Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit – Interface


Interfaces, UX


The Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit(NZa) is the Dutch Health Authority, and is responsible for setting standards in Dutch Health Care. It is also the organisation where medical institutions can apply for funding to support the education and training of medical professionals.

Digital forms are used to apply for funding, and it was my responsibility to improve the application process for the medical institution applying and the NZa checking the application. This was no small task as the forms were long and difficult to use, leading to high rates of errors. As a result the experience was frustrating for those applying and those checking the applications.


By using information smarter the applicant is presented only with the relevant questions and is additionally immediately informed when an error is made. The same improvements also support the checking of the applications.


Helpful digital forms that are easy apply with, and easy to check and approve. The UI itself also got a huge face-lift.