Seezers – Interface


Interfaces, UX


Seezers is the successor to “”, a concept created by Emiel Pegge. On this platform, organisations can post questions that everyone can post answers and ideas to. The best ideas win!

The challenge was to come up with an interface and user experience that would get people to share their ideas.


Triggering the user to join the platform was given extra attention. Social proof was leveraged by showing users how many others had already posted an answer to an innovation challenge.  To stimulate continuous participation and community building, elements of gamification were incorporated into the overall design. Posting answers and winning contributed to the user’s status, which would earn him/her badges and increased ranking, next to the prizes themselves.


A full-fledged platform where all kinds of companies can share their innovation challenges and everybody can share their ideas for a chance to win! The wireframes I created were perfectly implemented, partly by myself.